Asbestos Project Design

Abatement project design involves coordination with the client and other designated parties (architect, construction manager, building management) to develop the work plan and specifications for the project.

Pre-project planning is the key to successfully developing cost effective, regulatory compliant work plans and project specifications.

Our work plans are developed to incorporate the compliance requirements of the local, county, state, or federal jurisdiction(s) with authority over the work.

Our Asbestos Project Designers develop specifications describing:

  • Locations of ACM to be Abated
  • Work Area Boundaries
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Personnel and Waste Decontamination Units Location
  • Temporary Electrical
  • Water/Drain Sources
  • HVAC, Electrical, and Operating System Isolation Requirements
  • Equipment Staging Areas

The air monitoring plans include descriptions of proposed sampling locations, types, methods, and frequencies.

The specification package also includes requirements for¬†housekeeping and dust control measures, air sampling requirements, temporary sanitation facilities for contractor’s personnel, and waste characterization and disposal methods.