Preventing workplace injuries or illnesses and avoiding OSHA/DOSH penalties are good reasons why Compliance Audits are conducted. Kyron’s Compliance Audit identifies any oversights and deficiencies that may be cited on an OSHA/DOSH inspection. Kyron’s compliance audit considers and examines the following:

  • Recordkeeping , reporting, and notification
  • General OSHA/DOSH requirements
  • Specific OSHA/DOSH requirements
  • Workplace survey for additional hazards

With Kyron’s OSHA/DOSH Compliance Audit you are able to put in place a systematic process for continuous compliance with OSHA/DOSH requirements and guidelines. This process allows a coordinated and efficient use of your company’s resources. The end result is optimum workplace health and safety with minimized business interruption if and when an OSHA/DOSH inspection occurs.