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Date:        March 25, 2020

To:           Clients & Potential Clients





On March 23rd 2020, Jay Inslee, Governor of the state of Washington under Chapters 38.08, 38.52 and 43.06 RCW, proclaimed: that a State of Emergency continues to exist in all counties of Washington State; that Proclamation 20-05 and all amendments thereto remain in effect as otherwise amended; and that Proclamations 20-05, 20-07, 20-11, 20-13, and 20-14 are amended and superseded by this Proclamation to impose a Stay Home – Stay Healthy Order throughout Washington State by prohibiting all people in Washington State from leaving their homes or participating in social, spiritual and recreational gatherings of any kind regardless of the number of participants, and all non-essential businesses in Washington State from conducting business, within the limitations provided within the proclamation.

Kyron Environmental, Inc. (Kyron), a health & safety consulting firm located in Spokane WA, has reviewed this order and determined that due to the nature of the services provided to our clients, we are an Essential Business and Operation under the guidance provided by the Emergency Order. Kyron will remain open and operational. Please call our office for health & safety consulting services.

Pursuant to the Emergency Order, Kyron will maintain Minimum Basic Operations.  Many employees are working from home and we will comply with Social Distancing Requirements. Employees may be working “in the field” on certain occasions to perform duties of health & safety of our clients and will comply with Social Distancing Requirements.

The safety of our employees and families is still our highest priority.  We continue to monitor and adhere to all recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our local authorities, assuring that our staff remain healthy.  As the situation changes, or as the need arises, we will update this letter on the impact it may have to our business and staff.

Training Classes

Kyron provides EPA, OSHA, and WA State L&I compliant training for school, building maintenance, construction and management personnel.

Training is performed on a regular basis at our Spokane office or upon request at a client's location

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Asbestos Professional Services

Kyron excels in the development and implementation of asbestos management and abatement programs for commercial, municipal and industrial facilities. Kyron is staffed with Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) certified building inspectors, management planners, supervisors, and project designers.

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Industrial Hygiene

Minimize occupational illnesses and reduce the liabilities associated with exposures to hazardous substances and noise. Kyron performs exposure identification and risk assessments that will help protect your employees.

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Indoor Air Quality/Mold

Kyron takes a practical and cost-effective approach to indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. We feel the key to these issues is through understanding. Kyron has found that where IAQ issues are a concern, those involved are often misinformed. This lack of knowledge often brings about the reaction of fear when situations are identified. This could result in ill-advised and costly responses.

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Thermal Imaging

Kyron's certified thermographers use a Thermal Imager in conjunction with specifically designed software that provides clients with detailed reports with no destructive sampling or disruption of a facility or equipment.

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Construction Safety & Risk Management

OSHA/WA DOSH provides a multitude of standards for the construction industry, hazard communication, respiratory protection, and construction safety to name a few. Kyron provides safety consulting and training to help you stay in compliance

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Kyron: Your Resource

Kyron provides solutions that will help you to deal with all of your industrial hygiene issues and challenges. With our unique skill set, we can help you assess problems, develop solutions and complete your projects efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

With over 30 years of experience, we can provide solutions that enable you to have a healthy environment for your staff, visitors, and the general public.

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