Industrial Hygiene and Hazardous Materials Training

Kyron Environmental Inc. offers services throughout Washington State; including Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, & Vancouver.

Kyron Environmental Health & Safety is committed to providing high quality environmental consulting services and training classes for the Inland Northwest.

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Kyron provides efficient solutions to environmental health & safety concerns. We ensure project success through our uncompromising dedication to quality and cost-effective, client-driven strategies.

Coupling state of the art analytical tools with common sense, Kyron approaches each project with sound scientific basis that has the client’s best interests in mind.

Kyron specializes in:

Upcoming Classes
05 Asbestos Building Inspector Initial - SPOKANE - 4/3/2017
02a Asbestos Supervisor Refresher - SPOKANE - 4/6/2017
10a Asbestos Management Planner Ref - SPOKANE - 4/7/2017
06a. Asbestos Building Inspector Ref - SPOKANE - 4/7/2017
06d Asbestos Building Inspector Ref - TUMWATER - 4/20/2017
02d Asbestos Supervisor Refresher - ELLENSBURG - 4/20/2017
10c Asbestos Management Planner Ref - TUMWATER - 4/20/2017
04d Asbestos Worker Refresher - TUMWATER - 4/21/2017
08b Asbestos Project Designer Refresher - PULLMAN - 4/25/2017
Asbestos Intact Flooring Removal - PULLMAN - 4/26/2017
02c Asbestos Supervisor Refresher - PULLMAN - 4/26/2017
06b Asbestos Building Inspector Ref - PULLMAN - 4/27/2017

Additional training classes are posted on our Calendar. Specific class information can be found on the Training Classes page.

Need Site Specific Training?
Kyron provides customized training specific to company needs. Standard operating procedures, site photos, health & safety plans, etc. can be included in the training to allow real scenario learning. Please contact us for a quote.

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